What's New!

The User Interface, the Content. I had planned the structure of the site, fairly well, in advance. Of course it had grown from a single page to a couple, several, and now a couple of dozen... Execution is what takes the time, also the maintenance. Right now, everything is optimized for Netscape 3.0x. Alternates will follow, but that implementation will be mostly unapparent.

Now comes the fun part, the content! Minor adjustments with the functionality... Pages will begin to shine.

August 6, 1997


July, 1997

More advancements added to the pages... mostly in functionality

June 1997

Now, that everything seems to be working fine... it's really time to start working on the content... I know, I know... Now, slowly, but surely, I am updating pages... for instance...

Since I have chosen to configure my site the Utilize Netscape JavaScript contentions, I have modified my gateway to give the user a choice upon entering my site. Also... hey... the new masthead goes up!

Had to go back & fix an anomaly in the Remote Navigation Bar Java Script (yeah, again).

May 1997

Almost two months since I touched my site... I know, I know... it needs revising, it needs content, but hey... a guy's gotta work, we all can't 'Bang On A Drum.'

March 1997

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