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December 2011
Grapevine Graphics Website Redesign - GrapeGraphics is attemptingh a much needed redesign. We're looking forward to bring more and more services, activities and news to you!

September 2005 (!?!?)
I've gotta get back to this, my avenue. Today I've actually added some topics to Zippers! Previous thoughts on Linux, a poem called the instance and finally Life Outside, a brief commentary.

I've still been rather busy acting as Webmaster for AmnestyToronto.ORG. I've also taken the responsibility to be Chair of the Amnesty International New Technologies Specialized Team. Whew, busy busy... What the? Yeah, I'm gonna be working on the site a bit more. Today I revised the recipe for Gobble-Da-Dina and went through some pages fixing some type sizes.

October / November 2001
I've been rather busy acting as Webmaster for AmnestyToronto.ORG. The LinkShare Affiliate Program I applied to didn't quite work out. Oh well, not a big issue.

August 2001
Finally, after a long hiatus creating and maintaining the Amnesty International Toronto Organization's Website AITO, I've managed to update the Grapevine Gourmet.

This led to some creative redesign of the horizontal navigation bar, access to vertical navigation bar will access an experimental box.

Decided to apply for the LinkShare Affiliate Program to put a proper link to Tabasco.com in the Grapevine Gourmet

May 2000
Added works link to Grapevine Grotto. Added content.

April 2000
GrapeGraphics.com is official
! We're now Officially open. Our ISP the-Wire has been extremely helpful to get our scripts to function properly. We take our hats off to them.

GrapeGraphics.com is official! We're having some problems with cgi scripts but the-Wire will be helping us getting them to work. Once we get these scripts happening I can make a general announcement for the OFFICIAL OPENING of www.GrapeGraphics.com. Until then I can work on content and image modifications.

Officially, our email addresses are as follows...

Here's just a few things that changed...

After many deliberating hours of waiting... interlog has finally allowed me to update my site! I was waiting so long, practically 24 hours! It wouldn't have been so bad, but I had serious content to upload.

April 1 , 2000
April Fool's Day... hah! "A fool is only a fool if don't know he's a fool."

Okay, so I've done a bit of work... I've been evaluating Maromedia's Dreamweaver Application and found it to be extremely friendly and easy to use. My whole site has been revamped and some content has actually been added.

March 2000
Back to work... The last revision of the Grapevine Graphics Website actually lasted 3 years without any major revisions! This is a feat I'd say I'm pretty proud of. Lot's have happened since those days... And now I can get back to business. Obviously, now is time to execute some REAL content.

First off, I'd like to revise some of the look... I'll investigate a revised background image. I'm also thinking of retiring the throbbing grapes and using a 3d rotated version. Also, I'd like to update the Navigation Bar and possible add a button to launch the search engine. I'd like to upload the EverythingCrash Site, create a Mozart Site, get some wine reviews up, add some recipes etc.


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