September 8, 2005

Rants & Raves

Life Outside

Okay, my own blog? Possibly, but really a thought SUCK... not many people remember that lil'eMag that was founded by some WiReD staff? Was it WiReD? I can't remember either. Just as well, the domain is still up-n-running but without updates since '02. This was a site of great significance, inspirational, original and relevant! Yup, that's it! Enough of my reminiscing, onto my thoughts.

A week or two before hurricane Katrina hit beloved New Orleans (the Big Easy, Aug 29th, 2005), a flash storm flew through Toronto (Aug. 19th, 2005) and 'caused significant disarray. The DVP (Don Valley Parkway) appeared to be so flooded in areas that people looked like they were driving into a lake. While I watched this in the comfort of my own home, I felt profoundly sad. When Katrina hit, it was like (and still is) watching a movie. The devastation and lack of stories of humanity (rape, assaults, snipers, looting death and disease) really put me in a state of sadness. As people we love to hear stories of gallantry and perseverance but that's not what I've heard outside. An interesting article I read ( seemed to echo somewhat of what I was feeling. I am a very proud American, but have become more and more ashamed of my own countrymen, my people. With the past election disappointment and the Bush family's successes, it's downright depressing. With all this strife in the world, who's makin' money?? Bush... Gas prices rising 30% to C$1.36/liter is more depressing... and who's makin' money off of this? Bush!

The Iraq war has had it's toll on me and my relationship with my Uncle, whom I respect to no end but disagreed with regarding the charge into Bahgdad. What can I do when I've tried so hard to keep in touch with my family and feel utterly abandoned by them... that's another rant.