June 27, 2003

Rants & Raves

Hmm, what are my thoughts on Linux?

As a creative professional in the graphics field, Linux plays a fairly small role. (??) Applications that I require/prefer to do my work are pretty well on the Mac or Windows.

There's nothing that entices me to even consider Linux. Well, I guess that's a not true totally... There maybe some video editing/special effect post-production and rendering that I would like to check out - but with the advent that Apple is Unix based and can handle those thangs...

Hmmm. then there's also the web to consider... many ISPs are using Linux and it's a great viable and inexpessive alternative to Unix or Windows... Then you have multimedia programming... wonderful... To tell you the truth, Linux can fit wonderfully in either a Windows world or a Mac world... now, let's look at which would be more ideal for linux to be compatible with... I say Mac... The reason is that since the Mac is now has Unix underpinnings and Linux is based on the same thoughts etc. they would ultimately be the best partners. Mac for the desktop and higher-end workstations and enterprise servers and linux for the service intensive enterprise and dumb-station terminals.

Well that's my thoughts...